Teacher Training

We deliver all our Yoga Teacher Training courses in safe, friendly and relaxed environments that are conducive to learning and development. Live Yoga Teacher Training courses are delivered at amazing locations in Thailand. Our teacher trainers are experienced in delivering these courses, making sure you maximize your time with us. Upon completion of the course you will have the skills and confidence to teach yoga. Live Yoga is a Yoga Alliance accredited school so you can teach yoga anywhere in the world after graduating with us.

Live Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2017 – 2018

  • 200 hour Teacher Training Nov 6th – Dec 2nd 2017 Koh Tao, Thailand Full
  • 200 hour Teacher Training Feb 5th – Mar 3rd 2018 Koh Tao, Thailand Full
  • 200 hour Teacher Training Mar 12th – April 7th 2018 Koh Tao, Thailand Full
  • 200 hour Teacher Training April 30th – May 26th 2018 Koh Tao, Thailand Full
  • 200 hour Teacher Training May 28th – June 23rd 2018 Koh Tao, Thailand Book Now
  • 200 hour Teacher Training Nov 5th – Dec 1st 2018 TBC, Thailand Book Now
  • 200 hour Teacher Training Feb 6th – Mar 4th 2019 Koh Tao, Thailand Book Now

Yoga Course Overview

We teach a fusion of yoga styles on our 200 hour yoga teacher training courses. Our courses are delivered in a challenging and interesting way that stimulates development whilst embracing the yogic ideals of integration, union and love. Upon completion of the course you will be able to teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Kundalini Yoga to mention a few.


The one month course will provide you with a deep experience into the practices of yoga. We start at the beginning with the foundations demonstrating how basic techniques practiced correctly can create an enlightening and blissful experience. Progressions made throughout the course will meet your individual needs to explore deeper with longer practices and meditations and more complex asana and pranayama.


You will start to practice teaching with individual elements progressing into whole classes during the course. We will teach you yoga philosophy that will enable you to understand the journey of your students. Anatomy is an important component of our courses as it will allow you to understand safe and stable physical alignment for yoga poses.

All elements of the yoga teacher training course will have lessons, examples and objectives that connect to the theory aspects delivered. By the end of the course you will be skilled and confident enough to teach your own yoga classes.


Students will need to have had at least 3 months of regular yoga practice prior to starting the course. You should be fit and healthy with no medical conditions that might prevent you from participating in all elements of the course. You must be open minded to learning and treat all members of staff and fellow students with respect at all times.

Yoga Course Curriculum


Warm Ups – Best practice in preparation for yoga.

Kriyas – Purification techniques for the body and mind.

Vinyasa – Mindful movements synchronized with breathing.

Animal Movements –Movement patterns that awaken latent energy and increase joint mobility.

Asana – Principles of yoga poses and how they affect the body and mind for strength, flexibility and concentration.

Pranayama – Breath control for concentration and meditation.

Concentration – Concentration techniques from simple to complex.

Yoga Nidra – Systematic approach of conscious relaxation and absorbing into your own consciousness.

Mantra and Chanting – Beautiful mantras in Sanskrit and using the power of voice and mind to create positive vibrations.

Yantra and Sacred Geometry – Draw special patterns creating a grounded consciousness and new ways to conceptualize reality.

Dream Journaling – Dream journaling techniques to monitor your dream world.

Meditation – Daily meditation develops amazing self-awareness.


Communication – Skills to share your knowledge and connect with students.

Language – Effective use of words through stories and examples.

Demonstration – Where, when and how to use demonstrations.

Adjustments – Multiple approaches to giving adjustments that teach alignment, deepen stretches and help understand poses.

Progressions – Systems of development through yoga practices.

Sequencing – Balanced and healthy practices for body, mind and energy so each practice or class become a profound experience.

Props – Understanding how the use of props alters the yoga activities.

Themes and Styles – Style classes to give students a richer experience.

Guidance – Notice students practice and tendencies to provide feedback and positive reinforcement that prevent bad habits.


History of Yoga – Mystical and documented origins and evolution of yoga practice and philosophy.

Yoga Philosophy – Underlying theories about yoga and what is does for individuals and the world.

Anatomy – See and feel how the body works interactively and applied to yoga poses.

Diet and Nutrition – Traditional and modern concepts on healthy yogic diet and nutrition.

Sports Performance – Application of yoga for the benefit of sports performance.

Injury Prevention – Application of yoga to prevent injury in sports and exercise.

Mental Health – Using yoga to help with mental health issues.

Physical Health – Benefits of yoga on physical health.

Fertility – Assisting with fertility issues through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Texts – Explore important texts that highlight the key points of yoga life.

Lifestyle – Inspiring a more holistic and conscious approach to life.

Sexual Energy – How yoga practice relates to sexual energy.

Marketing – Finding audiences and reaching more people.

Live Yoga School Location

Koh Tao, Thailand

We are located in Koh Tao one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, famed for diving and snorkeling. On one side of the island there are numerous dive centers and resorts and the other side of the island where the Live Yoga House is situated, it’s tranquil and inspiring. Close enough if you want to spend the evening in a bar or restaurant but far away enough so you feel like you’re in paradise. It’s the ideal island for activities that embrace the beauty of nature on your days off. http://www.kohtaocompleteguide.com

Live Yoga House

Your yoga experience and education will take place in this amazing yoga house situated in the picturesque and serene Aow Leuk Bay

Inside Yoga

Outside Yoga

Amazing View


Yoga School Accommodation

All our accommodation options are set in beautiful surroundings with either sea views or in a jungle environment. The Luxury Villas and Studios are modern in design and come with fully fitted kitchens. The Luxury Bungalows are for those wanting a comfortable living environment closer to nature.

There is a choice of having a private room or shared room. Shared rooms will be for two people per bedroom with two separate beds in the same bedroom area. The choice of shared or private room is subject to availability. We will inform you of this upon application.

Luxury Villa

Luxury Studio

Luxury Bungalow

Amazing Views


Meal times are an important part of the day. They provide everyone with the chance to get to know each other better and share stories and life experiences. We pride ourselves on making sure the quality of the food we offer enhances this sharing. We will meet all dietary requirements with healthy, delicious and enjoyable meals.

Yoga Teacher Training Prices


Live Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour courses costs:
Shared Accommodation $3300/115000 THB
Private Room $4000/140000 THB


Early Bird Discount if you book more than 4 months before the course start date:
Shared Accommodation $3000/105000 THB
Private Room $3700/130000 THB

Pay in full up to 2 months prior to the course starting to receive a discount:
Shared Accommodation $3000/105000 THB
Private Room $3700/130000 THB

All prices are subject to accommodation availability.

What’s included in the Price?

Delivery of the 200 hour course and Yoga Alliance accredited certificate upon completion.
All course materials in hard copy and electronic versions.
Accommodation for 26 nights.
Two meals per day for 23 nights during the course.
Organizing Day trips and excursions.
Organizing transfers to and from Koh Tao

Contact us and apply now

How to Book?

Booking a course is straight forward:
Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and select ‘Teacher Training’ from the drop down menu.
Supply us with your name and email address in the relevant boxes provided and then send us a message.
In the message please tell us the course dates you wish to book.
Then tell us about your yoga experience, with regards to how long and how often you practice and any other info that might help us establish your level of experience.
When we have enough information to offer you a place we will start the booking process of organising your preferred accommodation and payment options.

Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

2017 Graduate Katie Ball

The course was truly an amazing experience. As well as deepening my yoga knowledge and gaining the skills and confidence to go out and teach I had the best time imaginable. Spending a month in a great place surrounded by great people and doing something I love has left me feeling extremely fortunate and ready to share my love of yoga. I thoroughly recommend the Live Yoga school to those wanting to become a yoga teacher.

2017 Graduate Isabel Pettifor

I’m a yoga addict and this course gave me the yoga experience I craved. Training daily with great teachers in such a beautiful place was just awesome. I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level than I had before and the transformation I made during the course has been life changing. I made some new friends that I know will be friends for life. So happy I made the decision to choose Live Yoga.

2017 Graduate Harry Lee

I have always wanted to train to be a teacher but never had the time before. I made the decision to quit my job and travel and get some qualifications that could lead me into a different employment direction. The teachers at Live Yoga really helped me gain the knowledge, confidence and expertise to go back and become a teacher. I loved every minute of it and found the experience extremely uplifting.

2017 Graduate Bron Coey

From the moment I first made contact with Live Yoga they really impressed me. They organized everything for me from my journey to and from Bangkok as well as taking into account my dietary requirements. The course was amazing in a beautiful location and I had such a good time. I loved the luxury modern accommodation and having my own kitchen area, it was perfect and the Live Yoga house was breathtaking.