Best Yoga Courses in Thailand

So many companies offering Yoga Teacher Training courses in Thailand it’s difficult to know which one to choose. I searched online using google and I also used the website. Still found it difficult to differentiate between what the best courses are.

First thing to make sure is that the company offers Yoga Alliance certified courses. Then check out the teachers and have a look into their backgrounds to make sure they are experienced and share similar values to yourself. I also looked into the course curriculums and found most offered the same thing. There are some that offer interesting add ons such as Reiki, sport science, fertility and mental health.

Next thing to consider is the price as they vary quite a lot. My feeling is don’t spend too much but at the same time the cheap ones might not be able to offer the quality and comfort required for a month long course. Some courses come with accommodation included and others without. Obviously this can make a massive difference to the cost of the course as accommodation in Thailand is no long the $2 per night it was many years ago. In popular locations getting something nice is expensive so be very careful of booking a course until you have looked into the cost of getting your accommodation. You might find you thought you went for the cheap option but ended up with the expensive one due to the cost of accommodation.

On the subject of accommodation what options are there? I have seen dormitory, bungalow and modern options such as luxury resorts and modern villas. Obviously the dorms are the cheapest option and for some they might like the idea of this living all together atmosphere. The reality is that for a month intensive course you’ll be tired and want your own space. The thought of having a loud snorer next to you could make the course a nightmare.

Bungalows are a popular choice for holiday makers as they have that traditional feel. Again for a month long course comfort is important so make sure if you want the rustic option it’s actually modern and comfortable enough to spend a month in. I would look at courses that provide accommodation in luxury resorts or private villa’s and apartments. These courses are hard work and you will need comfort and a nice space to relax in. Just make sure the higher end accommodation is in locations that embrace the beauty of yoga and provide you with peace and quiet.

Location is the next topic as most of the course seem to be in either Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or Chiang Mai. If you want the jungle and mountains then it has to be in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai. However if you want a beach place then what are the options. Both Koh Phangan and Koh Samui and busy, touristy and party places so if you want this in your spare time then one of these islands is ideal. I did find a couple of courses in Koh Tao which, I would have thought is a much better option for doing a course if you want peace, quiet and natural beauty. Famed for its diving there are lots of healthy activities to do in your spare time there.