Yoga and Food

Yogis believe that food sustains our body and brings us good health if we eat the current diet. Prana (life force) is created from what we eat and so diet is as much about feeding our bodies as it is feeding our souls. We chose what we eat and it’s a conscious decision, which is a reflection of our conscious development.

With yoga being a combination of mind, body and spiritual energy there is a need to eat ethically. This is the reason for dedicated yogis eating a pure vegetarian diet. This highly ethical diet facilitates the development of Sattva. Sattva is love, awareness, connection and peace with other beings.

When yogis talk about healthy eating to support their yoga practice they are not only talking about physical health. It’s a combination of feeling good physically, mentally and spiritually. Food is thought to be our first interaction with the world we live in. It’s a connection with the planet and needs to reflect the yogic beliefs of love connection and peace.

Ahimsa meaning non harming is the basis of a Sattvic diet. Therefore this diet needs to avoid the killing or harming of animals in anyway. Sattvic diets are meant to bring us closer to nature with foods being grown in harmony with the environment, growing naturally until ripened.

Continuing with yogic ideals food needs to be prepared with love and good intentions. Yogic diets are meant to increase Prana so the making of meals needs to be done with the thought of creating a higher conscious state. So the practice of yoga needs to embrace a healthy yoga diet and avoid foods that do not fall in line with yogic principles.

A yogic diet should consist of fruits and vegetables with the use of beans, tofu and other pulses to supply the body with protein. The consumption of whole grains, nuts and seeds also supports a yogic lifestyle. Oils should be plant based such as sesame, sunflower and olive oil and sugars should be natural. Drinking herbal teas and water flavored with lemon or lime are also recommendations. You are what you eat, as they!